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"If only you knew, if only you knew"

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Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened

KRIS.Can't seem to stay in one place, dreams too much and has a knack for forgetting important things like names. Wants to be too many things a the same time: special, loved, writer, musician, editor, songwriter, in love. Invents words, e.g. spazzmatic. Speaks French, sings and plays piano & guitar. Stranger-friendly, eccentric, hard to forget. Enjoys adventures. &&& Chocolate ish LOVE.

This journal is semi-friends only, but don't be shy, I'm open to new friends so feel free to drop by and say hi!

& Authors... Margaret Weis, Garth Nix, Jonathan Stroud, Hilari Bell, Kelley Armstrong, Steven Erikson, L.A.Meyer, Rick Riordan, David Skibbins, James Patterson, Gerald Morris, Tamora Pierce.

& Music... Miyavi, Gackt, Yuki Kajiura, Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu, Yiruma, This Day & Age, Tori Amos, Mika Nakashima, Hikaru Utada, Maaya Sakamoto, Yuna Ito, Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Bach, Vienna Teng, The TRAX, DBSK, Relient K, Ayumi Hamasaki, The Gazette, Do As Infinity, OLIVIA, Hitomi Shimatani, Muse.

& Adores... playing piano, sleeping, reading, thinking, dreaming, writing, jogging, singing, learning, fangirling, traveling, acting, playing guitar, roaming, being super busy, laughing, meeting new people

& Glomps... Chocolate, sweets, bubble tea, cakes, ice cream, soup, maki, iced cappuccino, MYV.

& Enjoys... Poetry, violin, classical music, stars, music, rain, summer, karaoke, beaches, sunshine, peace, autumn, languages, music, birds, books
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